XECH Ellipse

  • XECH Ellipse speaker with mobile phone holder designed to be India's best desktop speakers

    Speaker with Phone Stand

    Why settle for just a speaker when you can have more? Ellipse: your wireless sound source and trusty phone holder in one elegant device.

  • XECH Ellipse Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Digital Clock and Alarm function and large clock face

    Digital Clock with Alarm

    Your desk deserves the best. The Ellipse speaker is more than a sound source; it’s your dependable digital clock and alarm.

  • XECH Ellipse Pen Stand Speaker for Office Desk & Study Table Accessories & Premium Gifting Electronics

    Dual Slot Pen Stand

    Simplify your space with Ellipse. Its dual slot pen stand ensures your writing tools are within reach, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.

  • XECH Ellipse Digital Clock Speaker with Ambient Temperature Sensor & Smartphone Holder

    Ambient Temperature Sensor

    Ellipse’s LED clock face displays your room’s temperature every minute, thanks to the ambient temperature sensor.

  • In-line Controls

    No need to fumble for the perfect sound. Ellipse’s in-line controls are right where you need them to enjoy a hassle-free audio journey.

  • XECH Best Bluetooth Speaker Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employees Ellipse

    Retractable Phone Stand

    Pull-out & Push-in! Designed to even hold thicker phones, Ellipse’s phone stand allows you to enjoy music, videos, and video calls with ease.

  • XECH Unique Speaker with Phone Stand & Mobile Holder Pen Stand Speaker Ellipse

    Ideal Viewing Angle

    Get the perfect view every time. Ellipse’s phone stand provides an optimal viewing angle for your content, whether it’s work or play.

  • XECH Speaker with Pen Stand & Phone Holder Ellipse Unique Amazon Finds Corporate Gifting Ideas

    Seamless Flaps

    Simplicity meets sophistication with Ellipse. When not in use, its seamless flap discreetly conceals the dual slot pen stand, maintaining a sleek, clutter-free look.

  • XECH Ellipse BT Speaker with Mobile Stand Clock & Alarm Innovative Gifts for Employees Corporate Gifting Ideas

    Seamless Connectivity

    Ellipse pairs seamlessly with your smartphone, letting you enjoy music, calls, and more without the fuss of wires.

  • XECH Ellipse Small Bluetooth Speaker with TWS Desktop Gifting Ideas Best Speaker Brands in India

    TWS Pairing

    Connect two Ellipse speakers and transform your space into a concert venue with immersive, room-filling sound.

XECH Bluetooth Speaker with Powerful Bass Ellipse Mini Bt Speaker

Experience sound as it’s meant to be heard

At its core, this compact marvel boasts a high-fidelity speaker system that transforms your workspace into an acoustic haven. Ellipse delivers high-fidelity audio, letting you savor every note, beat, and lyric. Feel the difference

  • Universal USB C Charging

    Ellipse’s universal USB-C charging is fast and convenient, so you’re never far from your favourite tunes. Stay charged, stay entertained

  • Premium Rubber Finish

    Ellipse’s compact size and mirror finish clock face & rubber finish make it the ideal choice for those who appreciate both style and substance