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You’ve worked hard to develop your brand. Want to find gifts that do it justice?

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top talent

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We specialize in desirable gifts and giveaways to bring your corporate gifting bang up to date. Well-thought. Cool. Innovative.

We scout the international start-up scene for the freshest ideas and develop effective gifting concepts tailor-made for your brand

Tacky promotional items have no place in the modern world.

So what sets our gifts apart?


Our gifts use green alternatives – like recycled plastic, compostable Indigenous and sustainable wood. They’re also fair trade, organic or vegan wherever possible.


Our gifts are part of the solution, not the problem – replacing single-use items, reducing carbon emissions or helping communities. We only work with start-ups committed to ethical values.


Our gifts last longer ­– a sustainable gift is a durable gift with long-lasting appeal. This extended useful life is great for the gift’s recipient and even better for your brand.

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