Corporate gifting is broken. We’re here to fix it.

Isn’t it annoying when a pen stops writing. Or an umbrella jams indefinitely at the worst (and wettest) possible moment. These products are destined for the trash can and usually sent to their grave with a eulogy of expletives. Our mission is to ensure your company’s gifts and giveaways leave a different legacy – one of a much-loved gift that lives a long, fulfilled life.

Giftopedia was Born.

Ever since childhood we have been given numerous amounts of Gifts. Many are useful, many are not but most of it we tend to stop using in our day-to-day life. You know why, because giver’s intention may be right but they are unaware about what we are aspiring for.

Now this creates a huge amount of financial and material wastage which is a dark side of Gifting.Ironically, you cannot ask for what you want, but must accept what may come your way.

This is where it all began Giftopedia is founded by entrepreneurs from different domains with the goal of revolutionizing the gift industry. Due to the rapid growth of online gifting, there are many flaws that Giftopedia is aiming to eliminate.


Your gateway to better gifts.

The company’s core business is its online shop. Here, companies can select and customize gifts and giveaways from a carefully curated range of desirable, ethical, recyclable and compostable items. The shop is complemented by consulting on gifting and sustainability for businesses, as well as full-service gifting campaign packages.

This makes it easy for innovative start-ups to offer their products to corporate customers, who in turn can find everything they need for a sustainable and up-to-date gifting strategy from one single source. Everyone wins.

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