MPS – 7

Product Title:
Pen Stand with Remote, Mobile and Business Visiting Card Holder | Multipurpose Desk Organizer for Office Desk and Study Table.

Product Description :

Introducing our versatile and stylish pen stand crafted from high-quality MDF, designed to enhance your desk organization and functionality. This multi-functional accessory seamlessly combines practicality with a modern aesthetic, making it an ideal addition to any workspace.


The pen stand features dedicated compartments for your pens and pencils, keeping them neatly arranged for easy access. What sets this organizer apart is its additional functionalities: a remote control holder, providing a designated space for your entertainment essentials, and a mobile phone holder, allowing you to keep your device within arm’s reach. The integrated business card holder is perfect for professionals, ensuring you always have your contact information readily available.

Bullet Points:
- Multifunctional pen stand made with durable MDF material

- Integrated remote holder for convenient storage

- Mobile phone holder for keeping your device easily accessible

- Business card holder for organized and professional presentation

- Compact and stylish design for desktop organization

- Ideal for home offices, workspaces, or corporate settings

- Sturdy construction for reliable support of pens, remotes, mobiles, and business cards

- Streamlined storage solution for essential desk items

- Perfect for maintaining a clutter-free and efficient work environment

- Sleek and modern aesthetic to enhance your desk or office decor.